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i rote this for you

keep my nails dug into my half of the rug

circumstantial love
My ideals have got me on the run:
Across the border & into the city.

A ghetto masterpiece:
mac & cheese, covered in tator tots, grated parmesan.

Spread your love like herpes.

Capitalism & God™ hold hands and tell me:
"You just haven't earned it yet, baby."

Let's talk about leaving.

"i think one day when my feet break apart i'm gonna need new feet, or i'm gonna have to sew these feet back on.

all my boyfriends are dead and you're gonna die maybe too, julien. i'm gonna die before i die."

"I like a view but I like to sit with my back turned to it."
1970s cinematography, 1980s hairstyles, a stranger's psoriasis, acceptance, ambivalence, aubrey drake graham, auto-effigies, brigid polk, bunky, chan marshall, clothed bowling, coffee stains, crying very small ponds, dirges, dollfaces, ecstasy, elinor carucci, encouraging the worst, erotic-blogging, ethereal bedroom lighting, greatism, handsome family, has-to-bes, hiding my self absortion, ingmar bergman, kathy acker, late blooming angst, literati, long distances, louise bourgeois, luis buñuel, lukewarm loving, mao, marie-louise-élisabeth vigée, men in love, mixtape catharsis, moonshine, moving my mouth, moz, nyc believing, ocean waves, patti smith, pawn america, peace lilies, pierre molinier, plantas, platonic shadows, post fuck awkwardness, potash, privilege, punctuation, racial identity crisis, reasons to breathe, ryan mcginley, scavenger sensibilities, scout niblett, sibylle baier, someone else's hands, spinning faster, steinisms, the future, this breeze, trailer park romances, transcendentalism, two headed boys, tyrone, wolfgang tillmans, women in art, xiu xiu, yoko ono, yoshitomo nara, yuki kimura