circumstantial love (blame_me) wrote,
circumstantial love

Shuffled In this Order Songs From iTunes

  1. “John Hardy Was a Desperate Little Man” Carter Family

  2. “Protection” Suburban Lawns

  3. “Jody’s Freeze” James Reese & the Progressions

  4. "Janitor" Suburban Lawns

  5. "Li$ten 2 the Grrrls" Ssion

  6. "Moonage Daydream" David Bowie

  7. "Heartache By the Numbers" Dwight Yoakam

  8. "Dark Fantasy" Kanye West

  9. "Outside the Wall" Pink Floyd

  10. "Trespasser" Bad Medicine

  11. "Muchachita del Oriente" Los Mirlos

  12. "Dung Hat Tinh Ca Du Muc Nua" Tran Thu Ha

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