circumstantial love (blame_me) wrote,
circumstantial love

My ipod played these in this order:

o1. "I Kept On Loving You," The Carpenters
o2. "Feeling of Gaze," Hope Sandoval
o3. "All the Sun That Shines," Peaking Lights
o4. "Shivers," Zola Jesus
o5. "Sextet (OO)," Moondogg
o6. "Criminal," the Roots
o7. "Blowin' Sky High," Berlin
o8. "My Melody," Erik B. and Rakim
o9. "Requiem Mass in D Minor, k. 626: VIII. Lacrimosa," London Philharmonic Orchestra
1o. "Shut it Down," Drake
11. "I Found That Essence Rare," Gang of Four
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